Shift Left - my slides from BGPHP 2015 conference

Shift Left - my slides from BGPHP 2015 conference


Topic: "Shift Left - find bugs as early as possible".

Abstract: "Shift Left is development paradigm centered on the fact that problems are cheaper to fix the early they are found. In web development world where fixes can be deployed instantly, you do not want to wait for the nightly build to pass or for the manual regression tests. Let the machined do what they are really good at. You want to have a system that will give you comprehensive status about the code you’ve just committed. Ideally in less than 5 minutes (the average developer attention span). Despite the fact that PHP lacks the comprehensive quality tooling compared to the compiled languages, this talk will show you how to make it up and do even better with custom designed tools.

You’ll learn how to create robust build system for PHP that will give you the edge in this DevOps world to deploy faster and with great quality. It will save you a bunch of time and enable your team to focus on more creative and challenging tasks. The talk is technical, focusing on topics such as CI, Phing, linters, HHVM, static code quality, unit tests, api tests. There will also be practical tips and tricks to building your own custom tools for fast, static analysis of PHP code for problems such as SQL Injections, incidental DB table locks."