Why do all of this

What you’ll find on this blog are topics mostly related to testing software application. In particular I believe in Shift Left paradigm: try to find any defects as early as possible, where the price of the fix is cheap enough. You should let the machines to what they are naturally good at. When a problem reoccurs, think about how to automate it, and forget about it. This has the splendid side effect of leaving the fun stuff to the humans: creative thinking, research, exploration, time to experiment and improve. Hence the majority of the posts will related in one way or another to the automated software testing (or as the context-driven school likes to call it automated software checking).

You spend eight hours a day at work. That’s already too much. Life is too short to feel frustrated, unproductive, be bored out of your mind and constantly burned out. Try to bring back the happiness and joy in your workplace.